Atuona - Sunken with Turtle

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This mug is inspired by the tikis I encountered all over the town of Atuona, on the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas. Atuona is seen as the living heart of the Marquesan culture, preserving their cultural heritage through traditional wood carving, songs, dancing, engraving, musical instrument making, tapa creation… all artistic expressions that are cultivated and nurtured there. The town of Atuona - and the whole island of Hiva Oa - has tikis everywhere. Every signpost, bus stop, storefront, government building, or roadside fruit stand is embellished with intricately carved tikis. It is truly inspiring to see this tradition so infused into the daily life of the locals.

Each Atuona is uniquely glazed. This one is embellished with corals, barnacles, and a turtle.

Materials: Lead-free white stoneware ceramic & food safe glaze
Capacity: 16oz
Size: 7.25" tall x 3" wide
Designed, sculpted, molded, glazed, and fired by Woody.
Handmade ceramics, made in Oakland, CA.