Kū - Sage green, first edition

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Kū, the Hawaiian god of war, strength, healing, and snatcher of land. King Kamehameha I chose Kū as his guardian to help unify the islands of Hawaii and had statues created of him around the west side of Hawaii near Kona.

Glazed in a deep sage green/brown oxide wipe, with speckled lime green interior, and Hawaiian pattern tattoo on back.

*First edition of 25 mugs in this glaze combo (numbered), second edition of 25 in another glaze for a total of 50.*

Materials: Lead-free white stoneware ceramic & food safe glaze
Capacity: 16oz
Size: 3.75” width x 5” high (dimensions will vary slightly)
Designed, sculpted, molded, glazed and fired by Woody in Oakland, CA.